Sonntag, 13. September 2009


Back from Venice. Arrived Sunday evening and after checking into a bloody awful youth hostel aka university dorm coz of its supposed cheapness, € 70 for three ugly beds, were ready to discover Venetian food and drink. Only to discover there is nothing to discover because Venice goes to sleep at about 11 p.m. Decided that that may not be such a bad thing because then one can get up early and discover Venice in the daytime.
Seeing as Venice goes to bed so early, it is able to wake up early and bustle in front of our open window ignorant of our willingness to rest. So got up and had a cappucino as you do and learnt the lesson, a cappucino in the sun costs double the amount as inside, as fragile Venetian feet have to travel over expensive Venetian ground which is expensive to rent for Venetian Cafe owners.
There are no bikes and no cars on the Venitian islands as the streets are narrow, full of bridges and plastered with tourists of all couleur, their eyes scanning to and fro between their city guide literature and street sign posts. It is a-maze-ing, so many alleys, so many houses, so many tourists taking so many pictures. Trying to avoid tourists is IMPOSSIBLE. How do Venetians stand this invasion? Ah yes, they turn into cash hungry and aloof zombies and who can blame them? ...

In the evening we made a move to the movie of our choice, Oliver Stone - South of the Boarder. To be honest I had actually no clue about the content which was great for a change, seeing as normally thanks to trailers you already know half the film beforehand... So it was quite a suprise when Hugo chavez turned up in the Sala Grande. From Venezuela to Venice, but WHY??? Then Oliver Stone turned up and they turned out to be big chums, interesting...

A shot from 300 kilometres distance, so slightly out of focus.... but anyway who can claim they were at the movies with Hugo Chavez:)))

to be continued