Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Kamikaze Queens

The other night we decided to check out the Kamikaze Queens in the Wild at Heart Club in Berlin. The description "punk cabaret" sounded intriguing and so we entered this warm and cuddly little bar around 12ish. I have to say that this rockabilly/punk´n´roll or whatever its name subculture thing impresses me every time I am confronted with it again. I love how much effort the ladies and gentlemen put into their outfits and how much pain they endure to decorate their bodies with intricate tattoos reflecting their ideology. The women have such amazing hairdoes, I wouldn´t even know what to do with roller and pin if you stuck it in my hand. I am just simply too lazy to put rollers in my hair, backcomb it, hairspray it, hairdry it... Unlike the damsels in the "Wild at heart".

The place itself consists of a long bar which opens up into a dancefloor and a compact stage. Its walls are full of Hawaii paraphernalia, Elvis carpets, burlesque fairy lights, you fucking name it.

Anxious to find out what punk cabaret is all about I ordered a longdring and sat at the bar, waiting for the show to begin when suddenly a vixen with a wild punkrock hairstyle, the sides shaven, the rest a concrete green and yellow pillar on top of a beautiful illustrous face paced past me and headed for the stage. And then they the were, the Kamikaze Queens and Kings in all their exotic splendour. At the latest after the third song nobody was sitting down anymore but shaking their leather- and petticoatcladded asses, including me. At some stage Mad Kate disappeared through a side door only to appear half way into a song in a mesmerizing mermaid outfit which was obviously too hot for the energetic stage show and so despite its splendour was stripped lovingly and erotically off her body until she stood in petite underpants and a pair of nipple pasties and I have to enviously admit that was probably one of the fittest bodies I have seen naked on stage for a long time, damn!;)

As you may have noticed I haven´t quite the right camera to make pictures without a flash look like people rather than abstract art. Sorry, I´m working on it...

Luscious Lloyd knew how to handle his big instrument shockingly well... erotic pun intended... He twisted and shook his bass, jumped on it, jumped off it and I have to say all that pretty elegantly, the only thing that took a bashing was his quiff which looked a little limp, no wonder the way Lloyd tested the bounds of gravity. Anyway a fantastic show, great music, a band there is no excuse not to see and a venue full of energy and fun.

Donnerstag, 20. August 2009

Sziget Festival

Back from one of the most amazing festivals ever. A few weeks ago I got offered a job to film and edit two reports of the Sziget Festival in Budapest. Little did I know how amazing it would be. The festival has been running for 15 years which explains the fantastic organisation on the picturesque little Obudai Island. That is where it get its name from as Sziget means island... Not only are there five music stages but a Hungarian village with rooster testicle stew ( how do they collect enough to cook a whole stew, I wonder) and Hungarian folklore dancing, a theatre area and a post office stall.

My personal highlight was definitely Fatboy Slim, I think I must of lost 10 pounds dancing which I compensated with good Hungarian beer...

Another highlight was Faith No More. Mike Patton got so pissed off with his microphone not working that MIKE just threw his MIKE into the audience, concussive move... He created a new look decorating his beautiful head with red underwear (graciously donated by a member of the audience) and moved along the catwalk alley between the audience on top of a chunky Hungarian security man who didn´t know what hit him. Last but not least he took the shoelace from a converse shoe (yet again graciously donated by a member of the audience...) and ate it in a long and seemingly painful process, his sense of a good "choke". Then he spat it out again and threw it in the audience too. Makes you think a little bit what kind of a relationship he has to his audience...

Last but not least the Donots rocked the MTV Headbangers Ball Rock Stage and got the Hungarian audience rocking huge. Ingo Donot spontaneously hosted our second little festival report, thanks again Ingo.

So Sziget 2009 rocked and we will be back again next year for sure köszönöm 4 everything!!!!

Here are the two short reports: